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About Products

Blackstar Bitumen Products applied for the paving bitumen in Pakistan in terms of their penetration grade bitumen, therefore the measurement of viscosity grade bitumen gives a more correct technique of specifying binder consistency, hence more effective technique of determining the bitumen temperature susceptibility. Blackstar bitumen performance grade also gave an excellent performance outcomes for Paving roads and asphalt plant in Pakistan. Our highly qualified staff always welcome to you if you want to know more about our products.

Bitumen Traders in Pakistan

Bitumen brand of blackstar which is the product of Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises is one of the top bitumen trader in Pakistan.

Bitumen Wholesaler in Pakistan

According 100% customer satisfaction on the blackstar  product of  Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises, makes Best Bitumen wholesaler in Pakistan.

Bitumen Suppliers in Pakistan

One of Certified Bitumen suppliers in Pakistan is Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises, which introduce the Blackstar bitumen.

Bitumen Companies in Pakistan

The quality approved and certified tested grades of bitumen companies in Pakistan, blackstar bitumen is one of these companies.

Bitumen Importer in Pakistan

About the quality and accurate grades of bitumen, which customer needs, the Blackstar is one the top bitumen importer in Pakistan.

Pakistan Bitumen Companies

Asphalt binders always need a bitumen according different grades and preferred the blackstar bitumen top Pakistan Bitumen companies.

Our goal

Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises is committed for delivering a sustainable quality in company’s output and concert by focus on the Manufacturing and supplying of different Bitumen grades. The services sector which satisfy the clients about product quality, quantity and also the in time delivery constantly achieving excellence.


More info About Blackstar Products

Bitumen is a versatile and recyclable material, hence it is never far away in the modern world. Bitumen plays a significant role in many everyday functions above and beyond asphalt roads and roofing. Bitumen waterproofing and adhesive features, durability, and resistance to heavy loads make it the perfect material for use in all-weather conditions. Thus strength and weatherproofing are essential elements then bitumen is a main and chief contributor to the performance of a vast variety of products.

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