Bitumen Penetration Grade

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Penetration Grade Bitumen commonly used for Paving Grade important for the construction of roads, Thus asphalt pavements production with better properties by the asphalt companies. Once it combines the aggregates and creates a unique solidity, durability and stability to the bituminous mixture. Bitumen Penetration Test determines the stiffness of Bitumen. The softer the bitumen, the better will be its number of penetration units.

Where Penetration Grade Use

Penetration Grade Bitumen is commonly used

  • Road surfacing.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Used in other grades of bitumen products and its application.

Penetration Grade Bitumen is petroleum grade bitumen, therefore it produced from vacuum refinement / fractional of crude oil. The penetration and softening point of bitumen test penetration grades are specified. Description is usually done by penetration range only. As the penetration grade bitumen possesses thermoplastic property. It can easily soften the material at high temperatures and can harden material at lower temperatures by the asphalt companies. This unique temperature relationship is important when analyzing the performance limitations such as the adhesion, flexibility, durability and application temperatures of bitumen.


Bitumen Penetration Grade

bitumen penetration grades are used in different regions and for different purposes according to its specifications by the top bitumen companies in Pakistan.

Why Penetration Grade Bitumen

  • Bitumen Penetration Grade 20/30:
    This bitumen penetration grade is a typical or normal penetration grade Bitumen which is used for the construction of roads and for the production of asphalt pavements with finer properties. It is also used in the hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses.
  • Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70:
    This bitumen is a standard penetration grade Bitumen is appropriate for the construction of roads and produce superior quality of asphalt pavement. It is also used in the applications of chip and spraying.
  • Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100:
    This is also suitable for the construction of roads, streets and for the manufacturing of high quality asphalt pavement. Moreover, its chief use is spraying and the application of chip.
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