Industrial Paving

Industrial Paving, Bitumen Paving, Bitumen paving in pakistan

Uses of bitumen in Pakistan for industrial paving, commercial buildings and roofing is very high after Construction. Thus application of bitumen for Paving roof can be done from using cold bitumen with soft bitumen hot mix plant techniques. Cold soft applied products lead the marketplace. In order to meet the different requirements of Industrial Paving for waterproofing, thus Blackstar bitumen has reliable  quality and efficient coverage for all important factors.

Where To Use Industrial Bitumen

The usage of industrial Paving bitumen in Pakistan is to protect against  heavy raining effects on building and moisture.

There are other several benefits for using bitumen in industrial application. Hence it is used for industrial Paving for building and floor compositions, tiles, coverings, insulating fabrics. Therefore it is widely used for step treads, building papers, soundproofing, caulking compounds, cement waterproofing compounds, insulating fabrics, felts, joint filler, laminated roofing shingles and liquid roof coatings.

Bitumen Emulsion is prepared with three essential ingredients, which consist of emulsifying agent with water from the bitumen manufacturer in Pakistan.


Bitumen Paving in Pakistan

Bitumen waterproofing and adhesive features, durability, and resistance to heavy loads make it the perfect material for use in all-weather conditions.

Why For Industrial Paving

The usage of bitumen waterproofing quality is commonly used for construction of commercial roofing products. Other domestic and industrial applications, like emulsion paints to sound-proofing. Penetration grade and Bitumen emulsions are mostly used for the building of railway tracks and by using special kind as Polymer Modified Bitumen. Thus the vibration and noise intensity are decreased due to a dampening effect.

Based on the different Bitumen features, it may contain other additives such as coating improves, stabilizers, anti-strips or break control agents. It is a common fact that asphalt and water will not mix, it can be only mixed under carefully and controlled conditions using highly specialized tools or equipment’s and chemical additives.

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