Bitumen penetration Grade

Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises introduce Bitumen Penetration Grade, which is mostly used in the construction of roads. Therefore this grade is used for heavy traffic roads, for the manufacturing of asphalt pavements with various applications at the asphalt plant in Pakistan.

It is available in Bulk and bitumen drums. Thus Blackstar bitumen penetration grade is well renowned for their ability to create a distinctive cohesion and flexibility. The stability to the majority bituminous mixes once bound with aggregates, making it the most suitable one for manufacture of hot mix asphalt for wearing courses and bases.

Penetration Grade of blackstar is processed in carefully controlled environment, by maintaining most favorable thermoplastic properties, Hence cause the material to get soften at pre-determined higher temperatures and to get harden at determined lower temperatures in our Asphalt Plant.

Bitumen-penetration-Grade-supply, Bitumen penetration gradeThe Blackstar brand of Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises is equipped with quality approved laboratories. Our bitumen company in Pakistan is able to supply the highest quality of penetration grade bitumen. However it meets international specifications on bitumen parameters such as the adhesion, rheology, and temperatures application of bitumen.

According the top quality Pakistan bitumen companies Blackstar bitumen is one of them, Therefore we can supply any type of bitumen and its products on a whole sale rate.

Blackstar Bitumen Penetration Grade

Our bitumen company in Pakistan uses these grades for different purposes like for road surfacing, for industrial applications and we also use this grade in other grades of bitumen products and its application.

Penetration GradeComments
40 – 50 Hardest grade.
60 – 70 Typical grades used.
85 – 100
120 – 150
200 – 300 Softest grade. Used for cold climates.

Where Bitumen Penetration Grade Use

  • Used in the applications of chip and spraying.
  • Suitable for the construction of roads, streets and for the manufacturing of high quality asphalt pavement.
  • Also used for roof felts.
  • For water proofing.
  • Coating coats in automobile industry.
  • As anti-slip layer compound.
  • Sound dampening felts.
  • Roofing a floors anti-rust pipe coating.
  • It is used for bituminous mastic, sealants, joint filling compounds and many more.

The brand of Blackstar bitumen is one of the top bitumen companies in Pakistan.  We provide high standard tested bitumen grades in a competitive price as compare to other bitumen companies of Pakistan. Therefore Blackstar bitumen penetration grade is very well known in all cities of Pakistan. Bitumen clients are completely satisfied with us according quality and in time delivery.

We have different types of Bitumen penetration grade like:

  •  Bitumen Penetration Grade 40-50.
  •  Penetration Grade of Bitumen 60-70.
  •  Penetration Grade 85-100.
  •  Bitumen Grade of Penetration 120-150.
  •  Bitumen Penetration Grade 200-300.
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