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Being CEO of Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises, my experience is that no one can run the business without collaboration to others. A number of customers are showing their trust and confidence since from 8 years ago.


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Blackstar Bitumen is the product of Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises (SIE), one of the leading Pakistan bitumen companies. we are promoting effective, efficient and safe uses of high quality bitumen for roads, hospitals, recreational places and commercial buildings. Therefore all Pakistan bitumen companies and bitumen trading community well knowing about us.

Our company was established in 2010 with the efforts of experienced Bitumen industry professionals. Blackstar Brand is the Registered trademark of Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises. We deal in every type and the grade of Bitumen in Pakistan. Thus we have controlled and efficient laboratories under which all bitumen grade take place for testing.  A lot of  bitumen traders in Pakistan, however when anybody discuss about quality approved and certified bitumen therefore Blackstar bitumen is prominent. The company has a facility to produce every Grade of Bitumen according customer needs.

Subhan Ibrhaim Enterprise’s product range is based on highly standard, paving grade Bitumen Binders for the construction of roads. We are able to manufacture and sale Bitumen Emulsion for maintenance paving industries, road construction. it is most essential for transportation and highways in Pakistan. Since the Company has been set up, the highest priority to offer the best services for our customers.

Pakistan Bitumen Companies

We continuously update our equipment and adopt the latest technology for high quality production of Bitumen grades. However using the latest technology in the construction of road industry in order to supply high quality products and asphalt services in compliance with international standards. We believe in sincerity and will strive with this reliability to remain in the forefront of the asphalt industry in Pakistan.

We always ensure our clients about In time delivery according specific Grade of bitumen. Our company have full of dedicated team which will accept all the challenges among bitumen industry in Pakistan. Road construction companies and asphalt manufacturers in Pakistan always preferred to Subhan Ibrahim Enterprises bitumen products.

Skill, Knowledge and insertion of thinking make Blackstar Bitumen more competitive, more resilient and better to find the way of the complex and constantly changing global bitumen business. We are committed to build a talented and sundry workforce, which is creating cooperative environment in which every employee has to be opportunity to boost on his or her performance according the Goals. These are our company core principles upon which we have operated from many years.

Rashid Rasheed, CEO

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